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Who's talking about Sunday Drive?

Despite its rather contentious name, the town of Battle Ground, WA got such a title not because of any battle that took place there, but because someone managed to avoid a battle here. In 1855, a certain Capt. Strong was in pursuit of a group of wayward members of the Klickitat tribe. He found them here, and rather than using force to get them to present themselves for temporary incarceration at a neighboring fort, he talked them into turning themselves in—after they took a few days to bury their chief. Long story short, and to the amazement of worried settlers who thought Capt. Strong should have hauled the Klickatat in forcibly, the natives were as good as their word and appeared at the fort as promised. To honor this example of frontier diplomacy, the locals took to calling the area “Strong’s Battle Ground” which, over time, was shortened to just “Battle Ground”.